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Linux Foundation Public Health hosts the GAEN Implementer's Forum, a resource and community designed to help various teams working with Public Health Authorities (PHAs) implementing Google Apple Exposure Notification solutions in their communities. We welcome all PHAs into this community, no matter which codebase they are using.

This resource is designed to help you get access to the wisdom and experience of others working on this same challenge around the world.

Site highlights

  • Getting Started: An overview of the exposure notification technology, major steps to begin development, key terminology.
  • Legal Documents: A compilation of terms and conditions, privacy policies, and data use policies from around the world.
  • User Research: Some highlights from UX research on exposure notification from around the world.

What we offer

  • Exposure Notifications Discussion Forum - Private channels on Slack
    • #gaen-implementers is designed to be out of the public eye so that you can have honest conversations with other teams around the world also working on exposure notification.
    • #gaen-us is only US-based PHAs at the state and national level. You must join Slack with a .gov email address to be admitted.
    • #gaen-eu is only EU-based PHAs.
    • #gaen-enx is focused on exposure notification express.
    • #gaen-risk-score is dedicated to figuring out the right levels for risk scores and is especially for our epidemiologists.
      • New to Slack? Check out these introductory videos or documentation.
      • Have a teammate that you want to invite to Slack? They can register at and then message Jenny to get added to private channels.
  • This public documentation site: This website has the best public material available that we have been able to source. If you have a question and would like to see some additional material up here, we’re happy to add it.
  • LFPH Landscape: The landscape shows all the current exposure notification apps on the market, with links to their GitHub repositories, marketing websites, and social media accounts.
  • Monthly webinars: The forum hosts a monthly webinar (more often if there’s interest) on a topic that’s pertinent to the community. They’re designed to be interactive, starting with an introduction to a topic and followed by some group discussion. Notes are posted at

The team at LFPH is here to support you in any way you need. This can include gathering data, writing up articles, and whatever is otherwise needed to help you out. The only caveat is that, in the spirit of open source, any work LFPH does for your organization needs to be made available to the entire forum (and preferably to be public).

Code of conduct

All contributors to the Implementer's Forum are expected to follow the LFPH Code of Conduct. Please report any CoC violations to an LFPH staff member.


These resources are provided by LFPH staff and contributions from the members of the Implementer’s Forum. It has not been approved by Apple or Google and so we encourage you to verify and help us continually improve the information we make available.


For further questions and support please contact