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Adoption and Rollout

Communications Tools

Adoption and rollout are a critical piece of making sure your EN launch goes smoothly. Below are some of the different resources that various jurisdictions have created in order to have a successful rollout.

  • California
    • Communications Toolkit: A variety of marketing materials including vidoes, handouts, banners for social media, and more around the messaging for their ENX deployment.
  • Colorado
    • Add Your Phone: This site is both a site for the general population as well as a resource for community members to promote the app. It has a download links section with social media graphics, a one-pager, a letter of support template, and FAQs.
  • Washington

  • Explainer videos

    • Exposure Notifications: How it works VIDEO USAGE FOR ALL LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT PUBLIC HEALTH AGENCIES OR MEDIA: If you wish to have a FREE downloadable copy of this video to imbed on your own public website, rather than linking to it on YouTube, please leave a comment on the YouTube page or contact LFPH to connect you to the creators.

Cross-border interoperability

One challenge that a few jurisdictions have mentioned is messaging when they have an EN solution but their neighbors do not, or if there are people who commute across borders when each jurisdiction has a solution. The following is all assuming that these jurisdictions are either on a single keyserver or a federated keyserver.

  • They can choose which solution to activate/download and either will work to get them notifications.
  • They cannot have two solutions running at the same time on their phone.
  • If they test positive, they will need to upload their key using the solution of the jurisdiciton that provided the test.
  • If they upload a key for a different jurisdiction, they will get a notification to switch to the correct jurisdiction to upload the key (US only).

Pausing EN

Some people work in settings where they need to pause exposure notifications while they're at work. This could be medical professionals who are in PPE and deliberately in close proximity to positive cases, people who have to leave their phones in lockers while at work, etc. Here are the options for pausing EN:

  • Turn off bluetooth: Disabling bluetooth on your phone will temporarily halt the exchanging of keys and so effectively pause exposure notifications.
  • Shut down the phone: A phone that is turned off will not run EN and so will not exchange keys.

It is important to keep in mind that EN should not be turned off from the settings. Doing that erases all stored keys and so removes the history. This means that even if someone that person were near tests positive, they will not get a notification.