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Analytics and Efficacy

This is a compilation of documentation available on how different countries approach analytics and telemetry of their apps and how they use that data to inform the potential efficacy of the exposure notification technology.


If you are running ENX, please contact your Google and Apple developer relations teams about enrolling in ENPA. For those setting up ENPA, we strongly recommend including the opt-in for analytics to your current app sign-up process, even if you are not yet enrolled in ENPA. Having pre-authorization for anonymous, aggregated analytics will help you collect better information faster so you can adjust your system moving forward.

More information coming soon.

Analytics Resources

  • Italy
    • This detailed description covers how the Italians were able to implement analytics in a secure fashion to both maintain user privacy and server data integrity.
  • Switzerland
    • Their website shows app analytics, including downloads, active users, and covid codes entered.
  • Ireland
    • From the GAEN Symposium, a video discussion about the production and analytics of the COVID Green app in use by Ireland, Gibraltar, Pennsylvania, New York, and others.

Efficacy Resources