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User Research, UX, and UI

This is a compilation of user research and UX reports conducted on the topic of exposure notification. For more support on user research you can also take a look at the UX/UI Special Interest Group.

From other countries

  • The Netherlands
    • In Dutch. We recommend Google Translate to read them. They do have a link to some English translations but it is not as robust.
    • They publish a report on their user research every week with what they've learned.
  • Ireland
    • Well-documented user research process and findings.
  • Germany
    • The UI screens that they have included in their app.

Academic research

Other institutions

Naming Conventions

There has been a fair amount of discussion on the [LFPH Slack channel] around naming conventions. This section highlights a few ways in which naming conventions have been implemented throughout the English-speaking world. We suggest conducting user research to determine the best phrase for your jurisdiction.

Exposure Logging

  • Encounter tracking
  • Contact detection
  • Observing exposures
  • Digital handshake
  • Closeness sensing
  • Proximity tracing
  • Monitoring
  • Exposure logging

TEKs, Mad-Lib Style


  • Random
  • Ephemerial
  • Anonymous

Nouns * Keys * IDs * Tokens * Numbers