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User Research, UX, and UI

This is a compilation of user research and UX reports conducted on the topic of exposure notification. For more support on user research you can also take a look at the UX/UI Special Interest Group.

From various countries and states

  • The Netherlands
    • In Dutch. We recommend Google Translate to read them. They do have a link to some English translations but it is not as robust.
    • They publish a report on their user research every week with what they've learned.
  • Ireland
    • Well-documented user research process and findings.
  • Germany
    • The UI screens that they have included in their app.
  • California
    • A pilot study in California suggested that traditional advertising might not be the most effective way to get people to use the technology. “Far and away the most effective messaging was a text to your phone,” said Dr. Christopher Longhurst, chief information officer at the University of California San Diego Health. The best text message, he said, told people that the app could help them protect their family and friends.

Academic research

Other institutions

Naming Conventions

There has been a fair amount of discussion on the [LFPH Slack channel] around naming conventions. This section highlights a few ways in which naming conventions have been implemented throughout the English-speaking world. We suggest conducting user research to determine the best phrase for your jurisdiction.

Exposure Logging

  • Encounter tracking
  • Contact detection
  • Observing exposures
  • Digital handshake
  • Closeness sensing
  • Proximity tracing
  • Monitoring
  • Exposure logging

TEKs, Mad-Lib Style


  • Random
  • Ephemerial
  • Anonymous

Nouns * Keys * IDs * Tokens * Numbers